Social media and google ranking

Social Media and Google Ranking

Facebook – the pill for SEO?
Does the presence of a company in social media affect the ranking in the search engines? Clear answer: yes and no. Social media and google ranking, not to separate?
Even if the number of Facebook likes has no direct influence, so does the awareness of the Facebook page and thus also of the company. This in turn can significantly increase the number of visitors to a website. Furthermore, facebook pages are also listed in the Google Search.

Google Rating

However, Google rates in its ranking the number of shares, ie how often posts and pages are shared. And here the circle closes. More Likes all the better known, high profile increases the chance of more shares.
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Google Ranking

The determination of the Google ranking is very complex with 200 factors. If you know the ranking factors, you can optimize your website specifically for Google and thus influence the ranking actively. This discipline of (online) marketing is called Search Engine Optimization. In English: Search Engine Optimization (short SEO). Due to the competition on the Internet today as good as any webmaster must operate search engine optimization, if he wants to achieve a certain visibility in the search engines.

Adwords Google – Facebook

Google is characterized by its huge market share in the search engine sector. Another advantage: Who uses Google, who is looking for something and would most likely buy something. With a campaign on Google, you can pinpoint potential buyers. In addition to the equally huge reach, the largest in the world, Facebook offers a crucial criterion that no search engine offers: a very detailed knowledge of the users. More about this in one of the next articles.

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