SEO Workshop Bali
Onsite Training

You did or plan to make your website by yourself?
SEO Workshop in Bali contains teaching you in the basics of Search Engine Optimization, directly at your website.
Small invest, big success.

SEO Workshop Bali, but For Whom?

It´s not enough to have a beautifull website running online, it must be found also. If you are planning to build your website by yourself, or have it already online, but you are not sure how to bring it the rankings of search engines, book our SEO Workshop in Bali. Your website should running with WordPress and you should have the technical understanding about webdesign

What are the benefits of a SEO Workshop in Bali?

  • We do it together
  • You learn how to to it
  • Implementation directly on your website
  • Small invest, but big results
  • Tips and tricks directly from the experts
  • Obtaining a SEO guide (manual)
Seo Workshop Bali Optimize

The method

We analyse your WEBSITE together with you and disccuss the plan for the implementation. Then we activate the individual elements. Finally we check the results, together.

Don´t waste your
time and money

It depends on the condition of your website but we plan 1 day for this workshop. After we will accompany you with assistance of your doings about Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s do great things, together


Onsite SEO Workshop Bali FAQ

Frequently asked Questions about the Onsite Workshop for SEO

How a potential visitor find our website?

A potential visitor is typing one ore more keywords in search engines like Google and get results for it. Usually he will visit the websites which are shown at the first page of the search results.

How can we catch that visitor come to our website?

First we have to find out for what people are searching for, the so called keywords. A detailed keyword research, with focus on our products or services what we want to offer, is neccessary. Thes keywords or keyphrases must be part of the content of our website. But that is not enough to become a member of the top rankings in google.

How can we bring our website in that ranking of Google search?

Google has a lot of rules for websites to bring them in top search results. Its about structure, content, user friendly , naming and many more. Google wants to show only well develloped websites with more than interesting content. That is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How can an Onsite workshop increasing SEO?

We will analyse your website and optimize it for Google, together with you inside your website.

Do i need to have knowledge about SEO to participate from the workshop?

The workshop is designed for people who are able to build their websites by themselves, but they don´t neet to have to know the details about SEO.

How long will the workshop last?

Usually we need one day for the onsite work shop for SEO, but of course it depends on your experience and the condition of your hoempage

What are the benefits of the workshop?

Since we do it together, you learn the basics of SEO and you can follow up this for more pages. You will get a PDF with the most important todo´s for SEO. It will be a small invest, but with high chances for success.

Are there any other requirements?

Your wordpress should be build with WordPress. Contact us for other systems.

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