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contemporary webdesign seo-bali

Contemporary Webdesign

At the beginning of the web design, developpers designed the desktop design of a website…
responsive webdesign

Responsive Webdesign

Responsive web design is as popular and important as never before in times of different…

Seo & Social Media

Google robots.txt noindex

Google no longer supports noindex in robots.txt

Even though Google has never officially supported ‘noindex’ in robots.txt, it ends on September 1st. In its efforts to standardize robots.txt, Google has announced that it will no longer support…
Socail Media and Business

5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Help Your Business

The Internet and particularly social media and business have opened the world of global interactions. It is not a problem anymore to keep in touch with friends and relatives from other…
Social media and google ranking

Social Media and Google Ranking

Facebook – the pill for SEO?Does the presence of a company in social media affect the ranking in the search engines? Clear answer: yes and no. Social media and google…
25 Tipps for Facebook Business

25 Tipps for Facebook Business

Despite recent social media entrants such as Snapchat or Pinterest, Facebook continues to be the platform of choice for engaging with users. Its ability to captivate users’ attention is what…

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