How much does it cost?

Pricing Webdesign and SEO Bali

That´s what you like to know: What are the prices for webdesign and SEO? How much must i calculate to optimize my website or for a new design? Is SEO already inluded? How about social media?
Pricing webdesign is an extensive topic. But we will explain here.

Details Pricing Webdesign

New Website

We build your website completely new and, if necessary or  desired,  move it to a new hosting provider.  including Search engine otipimization and social media connection

What you will get for

All prices including:

  • initial analysis of your site incl. report
  • all preparations and meetings to define your goals
  • fast and stable theme (design)
  • integration of a google conform structure (search engine optimization), incl. daily report
  • connecting to Google search console, Google analytics, existing Facebook and Instagram, Youtube and more
  • 1 month service and daily search engine optimization
  • support in eventual move to new provider
  • responsive (mobile friendly)
  • high performance


Quick and fair solution for small business and privates. An upgrade and switch to MultiPage is possible
IDR 14.500.000 One time
  • 1 main page including contact and about section, 1 service
  • 10 pictures
  • basic security
Get in


Start with a small but professional web presence and grow up. Extending with more pages is possible.
IDR 24.500.000 One time
  • 4 pages (e.g. start, reviews or products, about, contact)
  • 15 pictures
  • basic security


Medium sized professional homepage with 6 pages free selectable , extendable with additional pages.
IDR 32.500.000 One time
  • 6 pages (e.g. start, landing, product, reviews, about, contact)
  • 20 pictures
  • medium security
Mid Size


Show your customers more than only 1 product or service. 8 pages with choosable focus, also extendable.
IDR 42.500.000 One time
  • 8 pages (e.g. start, 2x landing, 2x product, reviews, about, contact)
  • 30 pictures
  • high security
Webdesign prices important

These are only price examples. Please ask for YOUR price.
Important for the above prices:
Content (text and images) are provided by you and adjusted by us.

Prices Search engine Optimization (SEO)

You already have a running website? Ideally based on wordpress? We check the possibility of rebuilding and integration any search engine optimization to enter the top rankings in Google search. An individual offer is of course free of charge.

Existing Website

We give your website the structure which Google requires.
Real SEo, not only installing a tool

Pricing SEO

It´s impossible to give a flat-rate. But the first check with report and meeting for a strategy is free of charge. With that report we will give you an offer.

After your new website is online or the existing website is updated we highly recommend to watch the development. There are updates to install, keywords to monitor and and big task is the finetuning. Google changes the algorithm 500 times per year, that´s more than 1 time per day.

Depending on the size of your website the monthly fee for our maintenance services  is between 1 and 3 million IDR. 

Let’s do great things, together

Ask us about your individual prices for Webdesign and Seo

Pricing Social Media

Facebook, Instagram & more

We build or rebuild your facebook business page and connect it with your website 

Social Media Prices

Its hard to give exact prices for a business page in Facebook or a profile in Instagram., but a basic start could be your company profile with some pictures and 1 or 2 interesting posts. 

For that you should calculate 1,5 million IDR per social media channel.
Content like text and pictures delivered by you but adjusted by us.

Let´s discuss also, wether you take care your page or we do it for a reasonable price. It´s important to keep you page updated.
Your offer is waiting for you

There are a lot of more social media channels, like Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter.
We can build up all these for you to get visitors at your website.

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