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Webdesign Bali -
not only a business card

Websites should have a beautiful webdesign and provide information about the company and their products and services. But that´s not all. To get visitors your homepage should be found in search engines like Google. Webdesign Bali SEO provides you a full package, delivered with google compliant structure and connected to your social media. 

what's important about webdesign bali?

There are so many beautiful websites online. Yes you need an eyecatcher to be interesting for possible visitors. But first these people need to find your website. So what they do? They open google for example in their browser and search for products, services or similar. They visit websites which are shown on the first or maybe on the second page. That kind of Webdesign can be made by us.
To be listed there your website must follow a lot of requirements from Google. Its called search engine optimization (SEO). See more details here

Furthermore the right keywords must be integrated in your website. These are the words that are searched for in Google. Another point is the connection to your social media. But one of the most important thing is the mobile usability, called responsive webdesign. Google changed their focus on that not long time ago, because meanwhile more websites are opened with a mobile device than with a desktop.
Your website should not only be a business card. Webdesign Bali by seo-bali.online do that for you.

What does webdesign Bali do?

At first we discuss your actual situation. Do you have already a website? What is your marketing strategy? What are your products and services? We also give you an initial report of your website. After we find out your goals and requirements you will get an offer.

While developing we will give you access to our test-domain for watching the growing of your project.

webdesign bali digital marketing

The system

We use WORDPRESS for developing your website. It is a content management system (CMS) and free of charge. 
The design can be choosed from selected stable and fast themes

Details Webdesign Bali

Essential of the Bali Web Design Services:

  • choosable fast and stable theme (design) with wordpress
  • Google conform structure (real SEO – search engine optimization) incl. daily report
  • connecting to google search console, google analytics, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and more
  • responsive webdesign (mobile ready)
  • keywords
  • pictures and videos
  • redirections
  • 404-page
  • call-to-action-elements
  • pdf-uploads
  • and many more

Content like text and pictures delivered by you or we take the images from a free online database. We will adjust them.
Webdesign Bali – we want see your awesome websites in high Google search results !

Let’s do great things, together

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