Seo and Social Media

Seo and Social Media – Who needs it? Is it important?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the kind of how to make your website ready for search engines to be found. But that is not all…There are many channels in the internet to present your company. As more channels you use, as more presentation you have. And the connection between this channels is the next step to be found.

On the one hand, social media optimization (SMO) refers to the optimization of websites so that they are more easily included in social media services (eg blogs, social networks, social bookmarks). On the other hand, the term is mainly used in online marketing synonymous with social media marketing. Optimizing the presentation of content in social media feeds (eg Facebook, Twitter) and the associated control of reach by selecting content formats is another subarea.

Here you will find articles from us and from other online-portals to seo and social media. The digitally world is dynamic

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