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Only 50 % of search queries on Google end up on external websites

More than half of search queries on Google no longer stop on external websites. What does this mean for search engine optimization and what needs to be done?
A recent analysis of more than 150 billion search queries on found that nearly half of all search queries do not end up as a click on an external website. This approximately 50 percent of no-click searches – or 48.96 percent to be precise – is compared to just 41.45 percent, which actually ends up as organic traffic to external sites. Another nearly ten percent of search queries end up on the pages of various Google services.
In the mobile search edition, the result is even less favorable for the publisher. There, only 35.3 percent are directed to the external websites and with 61.2 percent, the no-click group clearly dominates here.

How does this effect come about?

We have already reported on this development. With the information fragments Google wants to answer as many inquiries as possible on the results page.
Even comparatively specific questions are already answered on the search results page. Only through the information fragments on the results page do we learn who Tolkien was, when he was born, when he died, what he is known for, how many children he has and what he looked like. The vast majority of people have this information and then they do not click on an external website.

What can you do?

Nevertheless, you should not give up the topic of search engine optimization now. SEO is still very important and that will not change in the medium term. Search engine optimization has even experienced a small revival since the onset of organic reach on Facebook and Co. Being educated in this segment and keeping up to date is more important than ever.
In addition, each publisher must look after alternative visitor channels. Having your own blog is still important, and the often-dead e-mail marketing delivers great results and is an important pillar. And even if the organic reach has dropped, the social networks remain an important source of traffic in many topics.


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