Webdesign with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good Webdesign with Search Engine Optimization is the basis for good rankings
Design and programming are the deciding factors for the usability of a website. Among other things, the following points make a “good” website:

Standard elements and optics: Internet users have a certain expectation of the visual appearance and the presence or arrangement of individual elements of a website that they want to know met. This applies, among other things, texts, navigation elements or search fields.

Navigation and menu navigation: A website should always be structured according to the purpose of the company: As an online shop you want to sell, as a lawyer you want to generate inquiries. Here, the webdesign determines, above all, by means of suitable navigation, whether the visitors of your website at the end of the desired action or leave your page pass.

Responsive Design: More and more Google searches are made through mobile devices. Websites are therefore increasingly accessed via smartphones and tablets. Here it is the task of the web design to create a mobile design in addition to the desktop view. This makes for an attractive and usable presentation of your page on smaller mobile and tablet screens.
Barrier-free web design: Accessibility in the use of websites has become increasingly the focus of web designers since the last one. Barrier-free webdesign also provides restricted users with easy access to online content.

The implementation of these exemplarily selected four points decides whether the visitors of your website perceive these as good or bad. But even search engines like Google rate the presentation, structure and, for example, the load time of your page and display your page further or further back in their search results, depending on the verdict.

Now you see that Webdesign and Search Engine Optimization is a necessary combination.

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